Environmental Services

Interceptor Cleaning

For over a decade Gee Dee Plant has extended its industrial cleaning services to work with oil water separators. Using our Jet-Vac combination units we can remove all oil solids from systems and then wash down the full interceptor once emptied.

This service is regularly used across service station forecourts, vehicle workshops, car wash outlets, wagon wash areas and large transport depots. With the environment agency now taking a firmer hand in pollution to water courses and sewers, it is imperative that businesses undertake regular cleaning of these assets.

Septic Tanks

For businesses or individuals who are not connected to existing sewage systems, it’s important to regularly empty your septic tank or Klargester.

We can provide a vac tanker of Jet-Vac to attend your site, empty the tank for you and then safely transport your waste to a registered disposal outlet.

Oil and Gas Tank Storage

Gee Dee is a leading supplier of tank turnaround services working with some of the largest tank farms in the country.

Whatever the size of your tank, our industrial and environmental teams can empty and drain your vessels, ready for final clean and inspection, before a new product or waste stream is used.

In addition to this, we can also provide a deep cleanse of any vessel, allowing our clients to carry out NDT surveys and inspections.

Why choose GeeDee?

Professional & qualified

Our team of highly trained engineers operate to the highest standards.

Highly experienced

After almost 40 years of working within the industry, we know industrial cleaning and site services inside out.

Free quotes & estimates

We never charge for a quote or estimate and provide you with our technical expertise and guidance throughout the full quoting process.

Extensive modern fleet & equipment

As technology continues to advance, we regularly update our fleet and machinery to ensure we’re offering clients the best quality solutions on the market.