Drainage Services

Domestic/Commercial blockages

If you’re struggling with on-site drainage at your property or commercial site, whether it be surface water or waste, our team can confidently assess the issue and work out the best permanent fix for you.

Using our van pack jetting equipment or our Jet-Vac combination units, we can relieve blockages and also advise on any maintenance that may be required to ensure there are no future issues.

CCTV Site Surveys

CCTV site surveys are a crucial part of what we do. On any new project, or site where drainage problems regularly occur, we recommend using our specialist CCTV camera equipment to map and survey the layout of your drainage system. 

Our top-of-line range crawler and push-rod equipment provide the best visibility so that following the survey, we can provide a comprehensive report, with in-depth recordings and photographs of trigger areas.

Drain Lining Repairs

Dig-up repairs can be time consuming and potentially damaging to the existing landscape, which is why we offer drain lining repairs.  Using the most advanced no-dig methods including polymer patch repair, full re-line hot cure or LED blue light cure, our experienced team will have your repairs complete in no time.

Our LED blue light cure in particular is an industry-leading technical method which produces long lasting results with minimal disruption.

Robotic cutting service

Another no-dig method, our IMS Robotic Cutter is the preferred solution to effectively remove debris from pipes, reinstate lateral openings and cut through intrusive roots. 

Our cutting service works hand in hand with our CCTV site surveys and can be adapted to a broad range of pipe diameters.

PPM (preventative planned maintenance)

We can design and tailor a regular service agreement to maintain your drainage systems and prevent future issues.

This includes scheduled drain cleaning services, check-ups and yearly assessments to ensure you stay ahead of any potential problems.

Why choose GeeDee?

Professional & qualified

Our team of highly trained engineers operate to the highest standards.

Highly experienced

After almost 40 years of working within the industry, we know industrial cleaning and site services inside out.

Free quotes & estimates

We never charge for a quote or estimate and provide you with our technical expertise and guidance throughout the full quoting process.

Extensive modern fleet & equipment

As technology continues to advance, we regularly update our fleet and machinery to ensure we’re offering clients the best quality solutions on the market.