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cctv surveying
& reporting

“Whether its reoccurring issue investigation, integrity/condition surveying or post repair inspection, no matter what the size, Gee Dee have the people and equipment to get the information you need where others fail”

Gee Dee’s CCTV drain surveying equipment gives the ability to conduct a thorough inspection of both drains and sewer systems. Using the latest equipment, produced footage is crystal clear even in larger pipes and culverts.




For pipes of 100mm-150mm, engineers will use a Push-Rod system (our newest even has the same pan/tilt facility of the robotic crawler systems!) For larger pipes and longer lengths, we utilise Robotic Crawlers. With a range of up to 200m from one access and pan/tilt facility, it’s the ideal system for pipes of up to 600mm.


When things get serious, we turn to ‘The Beast’ The Proteus CRP300 crawler, a substantial crawler that is solid enough to provide unparalleled inspection in the largest pipes with high flow rates. With additional high powered LED’s to light the way and motorised elevation, we bring our Hi-Def pipe surveying to even large diameters without sacrificing image quality.




The fully experienced CCTV operator will be ‘coding’ the footage as the survey progresses, recording information about the pipe and also keeping precise note of any discovered defects or other notable issue. On return, footage is double checked and a full report is generated using the latest Wincan software (an industry leading pipe surveying program); output can be fully printed (with disc containing footage, plan, additional images, etc) or disc only as requested. We also offer a full summary, giving a concise and honest opinion of any required remedial works.




Inaccessible areas are not a problem for us, with fully demountable equipment, the team become fully mobile without sacrificing any of the quality or functionality of our main CCTV systems.

Hi quality optics means our systems are equally at home surveying ducting or any other similar structure that requires visual inspection.



Problems with rat and mice can also stem from damaged drains; as well as other defects our surveys can pinpoint holes and other damage that can let the unwanted visitors in. Once determined, these can be effectively rectified with minimal disruption utilising ‘Non-Dig’ rehabilitation.



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